Here to help you express yourself.

Customization is a team activity that’s built around you, your roommate or family, and the design team at 2AVES. Your amount of participation is completely up to you. But the more we collaborate and create together, the more your beautiful new home will reflect your style, taste and personality.

Our seasoned designers will sit down with you and learn about your lifestyle. Understanding how you want to live and what appeals to your personal aesthetic.

Townhomes you can call your own. Here's the same floor plan shown three different ways. Design one for yourself.


Come meet a few of the people you might call your neighbors one day, and see how they live up to their dreams at 2AVES.

Meet Les and Goose.

During the week, he’s Lester the environmental attorney. Working for a downtown law firm, just 12 minutes away.

Meet Anna and Constance.

They were roommates at Vanderbilt. After graduation, they got jobs at different Nashville companies, and decided the roomie thing was too good to end.